About Us

At a mere 30 km from Luang Prabang lies Vanvisa At The Falls. This unique and intimate lodge is located directly on the Kuang Si waterfall and surrounded by the biological gardens where homemade vegetables are grown.

As the Lodge offers a small amount of rooms, it guarantees the guests with peace and quiet. The picturesque village is just a few steps away as are the waterfall and the bear reserve.

The more adventurous guests may take the opportunity to explore the mountains with a guided walk.

Those emaining at the Lodge are able to increase their culinary knowledge by taking cooking classes.

There is a small weavery located on the grounds where women from the village produce the most amazing textiles in Lao-style. You will find children playing in the river; local monks beating on their gong and the most delicious biological dishes coming from the kitchen.

You will not find a more authentic and pure Laos setting than at the Vanvisa At The Falls Lodge.